Oct. 29th, 2010

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I've been out of town this week, but had my laptop, which meant that I actually had a little free time to watch a few shows!

Most importantly, Spooks S9 - I just caught up through Ep. 6. I wasn't especially eager to watch this season, but wow, I'm glad I did! The plots and premises have become ridiculous beyond belief, but at this point it's gone far beyond getting annoyed by and crossed over into "Oh, what the hell, I'll just roll with it" territory.

My likes (I'll try to avoid specific spoilers):

1. Ruth's character development. She's got a hard edge this season! And a kind of confidence that I never could have imagined the Ruth of S2 having. I can see her running Section D now, to be honest.

2. The newbies (and I still include Tariq in that group). I like how they are gelling as a team, and I like that their personalities are their own instead of just version 2.0 of a prior character. (Well, Dmitri is a bit lacking in the personality department so far, but I think he'll get there.) And I like that they still make n00b mistakes, too.

3. Lucas!!!! I liked Lucas well enough in S7 (but was never a big fan), and found him annoyingly stupid in S8. This season's Lucas is still stupid, in a way, but wow, they've managed to make him the most interesting character of the season. Suddenly, I find myself sitting straight up and thinking, "Whoa, this dude is HOT. Like interior of the sun, hot. Why did I not notice this before?"

I can't wait until the next episode! *Bites nails*

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