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There's quite a nice community of Madeline/Operations vidders over on Youtube - I've been enjoying their work for a while now. But I just came across one vid by Maria Purt that she says was inspired by one of my fics, Return From the Land of Shadows. The vid is great, and I am thrilled that one of my ideas helped inspire her to create something else!

I'm embedding the vid here, and I hope any TR fen who see this will go and leave Maria a nice comment!

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Happy new year everyone! I'm off to buy some wine for a New Years Eve party where they promise to serve enchiladas with homemade mole sauce flown up all the way from Mexico City. Seeing as mole is possibly my favorite food ever, this should be an auspicious start to 2011.

I hope you all have a wonderful celebration!
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I haven't had time to browse very many of the Yuletide stories yet, but for those on my friendslist/circle who are fans of Caprica, there is one story that you simply *must* read. (WARNING: the story contains spoilers for all of the unaired episodes, so if you haven't seen them yet and wish to remain unspoiled, please wait to read this.)

The story is entitled, "We Built This City," it's in Tamara's POV, and not only does it flesh her character out wonderfully, it really delves into the possibilities of V-world in rich and thought-provoking ways. You can read it here. It's gen, and not rated, but spoilers ahoy!

Spooks 9.8

Nov. 10th, 2010 10:36 pm
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Just got around to watching it and...


The writers are on crack. And not the good kind.
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I've been out of town this week, but had my laptop, which meant that I actually had a little free time to watch a few shows!

Most importantly, Spooks S9 - I just caught up through Ep. 6. I wasn't especially eager to watch this season, but wow, I'm glad I did! The plots and premises have become ridiculous beyond belief, but at this point it's gone far beyond getting annoyed by and crossed over into "Oh, what the hell, I'll just roll with it" territory.

My likes (I'll try to avoid specific spoilers):

1. Ruth's character development. She's got a hard edge this season! And a kind of confidence that I never could have imagined the Ruth of S2 having. I can see her running Section D now, to be honest.

2. The newbies (and I still include Tariq in that group). I like how they are gelling as a team, and I like that their personalities are their own instead of just version 2.0 of a prior character. (Well, Dmitri is a bit lacking in the personality department so far, but I think he'll get there.) And I like that they still make n00b mistakes, too.

3. Lucas!!!! I liked Lucas well enough in S7 (but was never a big fan), and found him annoyingly stupid in S8. This season's Lucas is still stupid, in a way, but wow, they've managed to make him the most interesting character of the season. Suddenly, I find myself sitting straight up and thinking, "Whoa, this dude is HOT. Like interior of the sun, hot. Why did I not notice this before?"

I can't wait until the next episode! *Bites nails*

I am amused

Oct. 3rd, 2010 04:47 pm
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Dear Justin Bieber fans on Twitter:

The fact that I have "JB" in my username does not actually mean that I am either: (1) Justin Bieber himself; or (2) any sort of Justin Bieber fan. So why do so many of you keep following me??

Yours in bafflement--

P.S. I'm pretty sure you're not going to find my posts complaining about BART very interesting. Sorry!
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I've been so swamped lately, I've barely had enough time to sleep, much less keep up with online reading/posting. (I'm also several days late posting a story for a fic challenge I signed up for...argh!) But I gather LJ has done something upsetting again? Oh, quelle surprise!

I briefly had a Facebook account, but deleted it because I found that 90% of what I saw there were people's game-playing updates, which, you know, I just don't care about, and i got tired of blocking every damned application. I do have a twitter account (both a regular one and a fannish one, which is jaybee165), but rest assured I will never cross-post without explicit permission! (I probably wouldn't ever cross-post at all, anyway. It's mostly a lurking account.)
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I was in downtown Oakland when we got the two-hour jury verdict warning, and so there was plenty of time to clear out and head home. BART was massively crowded with all the people getting out of Dodge. As for the verdict itself...involuntary manslaughter, the mildest option available short of complete acquittal. Not surprisingly, people are upset and disappointed - including me.

I would have liked to have stayed downtown for a while to watch the press conferences, etc., but I was nervous that they would close the BART stations altogether if I waited too long, and that's my way home. So...I'll just be watching the news and reading Twitter this evening instead.

It's quite surreal to see an event from my own town becoming a trending topic worldwide. Fingers crossed that things stay calm.
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I'm soooo behind on replying to comments (and reading my friendslist - I will catch up soon, I promise!), but I'm emerging for a quick update. (The virus infection: cured! After 2 days of running different scans and fixes. The knockout combo seems to have been malwarebytes plus tdsskiller. We will be keeping a wary eye on that computer for a while, though. Fortunately, we never use it to pay bills or do anything particularly private. Flat tire: replaced! So those annoyances have been dealt with.)

Today, however, was very strange and disconcerting. My work situation is somewhat complicated these days, but setting that aside, I go down to my (sort of) former office in downtown Oakland (nearly) every day. If you're familiar with Bay Area current events, you'll know what I mean when I say that my building was precisely at ground zero during last year's Oscar Grant protests (which I witnessed). If you aren't a Bay Area person, I'll just say that my city is facing its own version of the Rodney King verdict at any moment, starting from tomorrow on.

There was quite an air of nervousness today. Lots of businesses boarding up windows; small rallies already taking place at 14th & Broadway and in Frank Ogawa Plaza; lots of email alerts from building management about what to do/how much warning we'll get about the verdict. (I've set up all sorts of SMS and Twitter alerts from BART, the police department, and news organizations, so that should give me plenty of advance notice.) I plan on staying at home tomorrow, but God knows how long the jury will actually take! Watch: they'll get hung, and we'll have to go through all this again.
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So. On the same day that the significant other tells me, "Uh oh, I think I have a computer virus," we also discover that the car has a flat tire. Universe, I do not appreciate your sense of humor.

I will be spending the day doing computer first aid, while the SO gets the tire changed. So much for a relaxing Sunday! ;-)
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Oh, show!!! I am going to miss you. You made fandom lulzy and happy for me in a way that nothing else ever has!

So now...I look for fic.
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I just watched LotS 2.21, and...

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AHFUSI%^PY1158987$%^FhgvvkhgivitvYTRFYERPIQUH%&*^fhkGIUY VIUfiuyt&^t7576R9V!!!1!!1!1!1!11!1!1!1!

That is all I can manage right now. Coherent later.
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Damages S3 finished on Monday, and only now am I ready to say anything!

This show! Oh, how I love it, I cannot even find enough words! What other TV programs gives us such tightly crafted (and both thematically and symbolically rich) story arcs that span *three* full seasons with (virtually) no seams showing? S3 even managed to rescue -- and render meaningful, in retrospect -- many of the more lackluster elements of S2. I am in awe of both the writing and acting talent involved here!

I could go on and on about so many things (and I see some other people have posted about a lot of the topics that struck me), but for now I will talk about what I love the most: Patty Hewes and Ellen Parsons!

What other TV program has given us anything even *close* to this kind of complex female-female relationship? The show never truly commits to any single interpretation of what they are, exactly. Mother-daughter substitutes, mentor-mentee, a femslash pairing, mirror images, predecessor/successor, friends, rivals, enemies, colleagues, partners...the genius of this show is that they are -- or have been, or will be -- ALL of those things to each other.

Spoilers for all three seasons inside )

They're kindred spirits. And yet not. Drawn to each other and also repulsed. And while we (the audience) initially were led to believe that Patty was the sun and Ellen a hapless planet wheeling about in orbit, it turns out that's the wrong metaphor. They're binary stars, revolving around a common center of mass, simultaneously running away from and falling back toward each other in an endless circular dance.
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So. Yesterday, I decided to do some spring cleaning type activities. While doing so, I spotted what I thought was an empty box and decided to move it somewhere else. It wasn't empty!

End result: horribly thrown-out back, lots of ice-pack applying.

I can sit comfortably enough; I can lie down; I can even stand -- it's getting from one position to the other that's torture. I am doing my best to look and sound pathetic so that the person I live with will bake me cookies, but so far no dice.
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This is short and only vaguely spoilery, but I'll cut anyway!

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Things do seem to be at the the crest of the rollercoaster now, don't they? *Grips tightly*
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To everyone on my flist who enjoys TR fic, there's a new story that you should go take a look at!

It's called Stalemate by [livejournal.com profile] clueless_02. It's short but lovely, and it really captures the essence of the characters!
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This show! Every time I think it cannot possibly invent anything crackier than it already has, it goes and proves me wrong.

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I just finished the episode, and...eeeeeeeeee!

Spoilers ahoy! )

I can't wait until the next episode!
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I think Legend of the Seeker has broken my fannish brain. It's turned me into Opposite!Jaybee65!

Normally, I don't care for fantasy. But I love this show! (I think it's because it doesn't take itself very seriously.) And normally, when I'm into a fandom, I'm allllllll about the fanfic. I've never been able to "get" vids. (I think my main issue with vids is that I don't usually pay attention to lyrics when I listen to songs, and most vids REALLY DEPEND on the lyrics for anything to make sense.) But in LOTS, I love vids! I still don't listen to the lyrics (oops!), but I don't care! As long as the rhythm works with the visuals, I'm happy. And yet I find that I can't read LOTS fanfic! I start, but then my mind wanders.

This show has apparently tapped into a totally different part of my brain than any other fandom in my ten-odd years as a fan. The frustrating thing is that there is NO WAY that I can be a creator of fannish product in this fandom, as I don't have the faintest idea about vidding or icons. (Maybe I can write meta? Or humorous reviews? But several people already do that so well, there's really no need for more!) I feel like I'm only half a fan, so to speak, if I'm just a consumer and not a producer, but there you have it. (Parody fic? Maybe. I'll have to give it some thought.)