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Hello! This is mostly a fannish journal, although I occasionally post about other topics (mostly relating to things going on in the SF Bay Area, where I live).

For those who don't know me (yet), my main fandoms are listed below, but I'm becoming increasingly multifannish and will read and interact in a variety of other fandoms. I tend to fall somewhat on the gen and femslash end of the fannish continuum at the moment, but I like slash and het (and meta!) as well. I follow people if I find that I'm reading their journals semi-regularly (usually for fic, meta, or icons), but no one should feel obligated to reciprocate. I haven't made a habit of locking many posts, so you're probably not missing much of anything if I don't remember to give you access.

You can find me under the same names at Livejournal and Insanejournal (and Journalfen, although I never post there). I will probably cross-post for now, unless I find myself settling into one journal service more than another. (And even in that case, I'll probably continue to cross-post fic.)

You can find my stories archived at An Archive of Our Own at the website linked above.
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