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I think Legend of the Seeker has broken my fannish brain. It's turned me into Opposite!Jaybee65!

Normally, I don't care for fantasy. But I love this show! (I think it's because it doesn't take itself very seriously.) And normally, when I'm into a fandom, I'm allllllll about the fanfic. I've never been able to "get" vids. (I think my main issue with vids is that I don't usually pay attention to lyrics when I listen to songs, and most vids REALLY DEPEND on the lyrics for anything to make sense.) But in LOTS, I love vids! I still don't listen to the lyrics (oops!), but I don't care! As long as the rhythm works with the visuals, I'm happy. And yet I find that I can't read LOTS fanfic! I start, but then my mind wanders.

This show has apparently tapped into a totally different part of my brain than any other fandom in my ten-odd years as a fan. The frustrating thing is that there is NO WAY that I can be a creator of fannish product in this fandom, as I don't have the faintest idea about vidding or icons. (Maybe I can write meta? Or humorous reviews? But several people already do that so well, there's really no need for more!) I feel like I'm only half a fan, so to speak, if I'm just a consumer and not a producer, but there you have it. (Parody fic? Maybe. I'll have to give it some thought.)

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Date: 2010-04-04 04:07 pm (UTC)
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ME TOO OMG. The we're-not-actually-all-that-serious thing turns me off, usually; I don't like the feeling that the story is sort of winking at me ironically. But somehow the way it's done on LotS feels, I don't know, balanced or something; it both laughs at us and itself and at the same time doesn't ridicule itself--or us--for enjoying.

I have no idea whether that makes any sense at all. But I'm with you on the fanfic thing, as well: I haven't read much, nothing's really grabbed me, and I don't even go looking for it at this point. Perhaps that'll change, but it's a relief to love a show for which the dominant fannish voices aren't writers. I have nothing against writers, and I used to be one myself, but somehow the repeating fannish social structures that grow up around fic have started feeling stale to me.

I also am ungifted at multimedia, but hey, they also serve who only show up and squee!
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Date: 2010-04-06 03:53 am (UTC)
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>>creating pretty rigid categories that I think might warp what gets written and what doesn't

Exactly, and the effect's not limited to fic, imo. Big fandoms, at least as I experience them via my flist and network, cause me to throw a rash, usually, anyway, because the stratification of fannish preferences/production/attention/approval seems to happen ever more quickly and predictably and comprehensively.

It's a perception very much shaped by how I'm situated, exposure-wise; I'm not good-old-days-ing or anything. Just, I got to feeling either really alienated (SPN/BSG) or as though my fannish loves weren't shared by a large or cohesive enough group [with some connection to my flist/network] to make them really, you know, fannish (TSCC, A2A).

LotS is generous and funny and clever and DOESN'T CARE WHO YOU SHIP as long as Cara and Kahlan can slay each other's enemies with extreme prejudice there's lots of slo-mo knife-fighting involved. And hair streaming wildly, and, you know, general woobieness.

::adores LotS fandom omg::


Date: 2010-04-06 04:18 am (UTC)
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Hey, I just noticed! Happy birthday!

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