Apr. 3rd, 2010

jaybee65: (Cara)
I think Legend of the Seeker has broken my fannish brain. It's turned me into Opposite!Jaybee65!

Normally, I don't care for fantasy. But I love this show! (I think it's because it doesn't take itself very seriously.) And normally, when I'm into a fandom, I'm allllllll about the fanfic. I've never been able to "get" vids. (I think my main issue with vids is that I don't usually pay attention to lyrics when I listen to songs, and most vids REALLY DEPEND on the lyrics for anything to make sense.) But in LOTS, I love vids! I still don't listen to the lyrics (oops!), but I don't care! As long as the rhythm works with the visuals, I'm happy. And yet I find that I can't read LOTS fanfic! I start, but then my mind wanders.

This show has apparently tapped into a totally different part of my brain than any other fandom in my ten-odd years as a fan. The frustrating thing is that there is NO WAY that I can be a creator of fannish product in this fandom, as I don't have the faintest idea about vidding or icons. (Maybe I can write meta? Or humorous reviews? But several people already do that so well, there's really no need for more!) I feel like I'm only half a fan, so to speak, if I'm just a consumer and not a producer, but there you have it. (Parody fic? Maybe. I'll have to give it some thought.)

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