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Thanks to being out of town and only able to access the internet in spurts, I never did get around to linking to my own Yuletide story! Here it is:

Title: A Two-Way Street
Fandom: State of Play (TV)
Pairing: Della Smith/William Bell
Rating: PG?
Written for: VegaOfTheLyre
Length: 1362 words
Link can be found: Here on AO3!
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I haven't had lots of internet time this week, but I did manage to sneak on to check out Yuletide. So many wonderful stories to read, as usual! I'll need more time to catch up with them all.

For now, three recs:

First and foremost, my gift this year. It's called I Might Be Wrong, and it's Damages fic!! *Dances in glee* It's long; it's plotty; it's all about the warped Patty&Ellen relationship; and it's fabulous! I could not be happier -- it's like my author read my mind.

Second, La Femme Nikita fic! It's called To Everything There Is A Season, and it's Madeline-centric, both pre- and post-series, with plot and twists and insights into the characters...just excellent!

Finally, Spooks fic! This one is called By That Sin Fell The Angels. It's got both old characters and new (including Ruth, Ros, Juliet and even Tessa!), a clever plot with twists, and even pretty steamy Harry/Juliet backstory references. Just awesome.
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Hello, Yuletide writer!

First of all, I want to thank you for volunteering to write in any of these rare fandoms. I love them all so much, it will be a thrill to see any story written for them!

Second, my prompts were really just intended to provide some inspiration if you need it to get started. If you have a plotbunny of your own, go for it!

But now I will ramble on a little bit about the fandoms/characters I chose and what I love about them, in case that helps you.

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I hope this is helpful to you, and thank you again!!
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Title: Missing and Present
Fandom: Spooks/MI-5
Characters/Pairing: Ros/Lucas
Rating: R
Wordcount: Approx. 1800
Spoilers: Set in the immediate aftermath of 708, so contains spoilers through the end of Series 7
Summary: Ros bears burdens for colleagues both missing and present. But maybe she's not the only one.

Written for PetiteEtoile22 for Yuletide '08. She asked for Ros/Lucas hurt-comfort. I'm not sure if I quite managed the hurt-comfort, but I aimed for a similar kind of mood.

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For those who prefer visiting the Yuletide archive itself, my story is here.
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Title: Dreams
Fandom: Kill Bill
Characters: Bride aka Beatrix Kiddo, Elle Driver, Go-Go Yubari, O-Ren Ishii
Rating/Warnings: Maybe R for violent imagery. Spoilers for Parts I and II, plus some speculation about possibilities afterwards. Genfic, multicharacter.
Notes: Written as part of Yuletide '08 for [livejournal.com profile] kagehikario, who asked for Bride aka Beatrix Kiddo/Elle Driver/Go-Go Yubari/O-Ren Ishii, and added that "It's Kill Bill; violence, blood, introspection, s'all good. Character exploration would be especially nice." I made sure to include all these characters and did my best to include a bit of both blood and introspection.

Dreams )

For those of you who prefer to read at the official Yuletide site, the link is here.

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