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I'm a couple of days behind posting this, and I haven't posted in a while, so I have several episodes to catch up on!

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A new episode, finally!!!

When I saw the actor playing Kahlan's father, my first thought was, "Gee, he looks a lot like Phil from Damages." A few seconds later, I realized it *was* Phil from Damages! This breaks my brain, but in a good way!

A final question to leave you with. Sister Nicci: Denna 2.0, or Shota 2.0? Discuss.
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I have very *very* mixed feelings about BSG: loved it through about midway through S3; HATED it afterwards, so much so that that hatred somewhat tarnishes my memory of the entire series. So I wasn't sure if I wanted to start watching Caprica. Really, the only thing that tempted me was the prospect of Polly Walker as an evil secret-cult-leading schoolmistress(!!).

But I gave the pilot a try, and was very much underwhelmed. Too much teen drama, and a whole lot of characters who seemed thoroughly unsympathetic and/or uninteresting. The *end*, though, was warped and dark enough that I was surprised and impressed. That tidbit eventually made me decide to go back and watch more. Now that I've caught up...I am intrigued and definitely intend to keep watching!

The characters are still, on the whole, unsympathetic. Caprica is billed as a show about character development -- and it is! -- but these aren't characters I bond with or invest in. In fact, I feel quite distanced from them (with one rather surprising exception). I think that's a *good* thing, because I can watch the show *do* things to them with a kind of clinical fascination untroubled by feelings of empathy over their plight. The show is playing with some genuinely disturbing themes, psychologically. That's what kept me watching at first -- it wasn't until Episode 5 that I realized how intricate the plot was becoming.

I don't see this as a fannish series, and I'll be surprised if it develops much of a ficwriting following. But I would love to read what people might come up with! If any of it taps into some of the same themes as the show, it could be awesome.
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Thanks to [profile] swatkat24's prodding, I've finally finished watching all of The Sarah Connor Chronicles (yes, I know I'm late...I tend to be that way with most fandoms).

So! I'm ready to begin exploring. Can you give me the lay of the land, fandom-wise? Where should I look for fic? Any other good fannish resources?
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This was a strange, strange episode.

And now I definitely do NOT want a pony for my birthday. Or cupcakes.
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Thanks to [profile] swatkat24's relentless pimpage, I am now watching Legend of the Seeker. I just finished S1 tonight, and will fling myself into S2 starting tomorrow!

This show...it's cliched, ridiculous, cheesy, and superficial. And no, it doesn't somehow manage to transcend those things and secretly or subtextually provide us something deeper. Instead, it's just extremely comfortable in its own skin -- it accepts its own inherent cheesiness, dresses up in sparkles, dances around and shouts: THIS IS WHO I AM! AND I'M HAPPY THIS WAY! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE ME WHEN I'LL DO HANDSPRINGS TO AMUSE YOU?

How, indeed?

One could critique *all* sorts of things about this show. But that would be like pulling the tail of a fluffy, adorable kitten. I think I would rather just pet it. (And maybe feed it catnip now and then to see it rampage around stoned.)
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This is just a quick reaction!

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I just watched S3 Episode 3 -- and I continue to think that this season is every bit as good as Season 1. But there's a different feel to it, too -- S1 was more of a straight-up thriller, with the focus on suspense and solving a mystery. There's a mystery (maybe several) to be solved this season, as well, but it doesn't strike me as a "thriller" this time around. I'm not sure *what* I would call it, actually -- it's something more nuanced, less genre. The mood, at least for me, is a creeping sense of dread...a kind of "This Cannot End Well" burgeoning anxiety that comes to me from *all* directions (and not just the obvious).

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The whole episode left me very unsettled. We're not just watching a whodunnit this season. There are layers of complexity and subtlety now, and if it keeps going in this vein, I think this season is going to be one to rewatch several times.
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This may not make much sense to anyone but Californians, but...I have been mesmerized all evening by the #demonsheep twitter feed.

Also, this:

The S.F.T.E.O.D.S.F.O.P.D.

I would never in a million years vote for Chuck Devore, but I'm glad to see his campaign has a sense of humor.
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Since there has been a wee bit of discussion, ohhhhh somewhere around fandom lately, about the dearth (or not) of interesting female characters in popular media, it seems timely to talk about my current favorite show, Damages: a show that not only is about two complex, intelligent female characters (and passes that much-bandied-about-lately Bechdel test in virtually every scene), but is also the only program I have EVER come across where it's the *men* who wind up in refrigerators. (I should meta about that sometime, if I can get my thoughts together.)

Season 1 of Damages was one of my favorite television shows EVER. It had everything I would want in a series: a tightly-written, twisty, genuinely thrilling plot; fabulous acting; attractive and multi-layered female protagonists with SERIOUSLY SLASHY CHEMISTRY WOOOOOOOO; morally ambiguous characters who lie and backstab (and maybe even kill) over high-stakes causes; lovely visuals (albeit sometimes really ominous and creepy-feeling)...you get the picture. Of course there is no fandom (to speak of) for it: not only is it about two women, but (to be fair), it would probably be a fringe fandom even with male characters -- I think the writing is so good, it's intimidating for fen to tackle.

Season 2 was good, but didn't live up to S1 -- too much tying up of dangling plot threads (sometimes in careless and rushed-seeming ways), and too many villains/rambling plotlines. Looking back on it, I think it mostly served as transition between S1 and S3. Which needed to happen, but wasn't as gripping as I would like.

If the first episode of S3 is any indication, though, the gripping quality is BACK. OH HELL YEAH!

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Thanks to being out of town and only able to access the internet in spurts, I never did get around to linking to my own Yuletide story! Here it is:

Title: A Two-Way Street
Fandom: State of Play (TV)
Pairing: Della Smith/William Bell
Rating: PG?
Written for: VegaOfTheLyre
Length: 1362 words
Link can be found: Here on AO3!
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I'm back home after holiday travels, and OH, AM I THRILLED TO BE WARM AGAIN! Nothing like two weeks freezing to death to remind me why I left the Midwest.

I will be catching up with DW/LJ and perhaps adding a few more Yuletide recs shortly! It looks like I've missed more than one fannish kerfuffle, too, so I think the catching up will be fun.
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I'm a bit late, but I finally watched the Spooks S8 finale. A very mixed bag, in my opinion.

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I haven't had lots of internet time this week, but I did manage to sneak on to check out Yuletide. So many wonderful stories to read, as usual! I'll need more time to catch up with them all.

For now, three recs:

First and foremost, my gift this year. It's called I Might Be Wrong, and it's Damages fic!! *Dances in glee* It's long; it's plotty; it's all about the warped Patty&Ellen relationship; and it's fabulous! I could not be happier -- it's like my author read my mind.

Second, La Femme Nikita fic! It's called To Everything There Is A Season, and it's Madeline-centric, both pre- and post-series, with plot and twists and insights into the characters...just excellent!

Finally, Spooks fic! This one is called By That Sin Fell The Angels. It's got both old characters and new (including Ruth, Ros, Juliet and even Tessa!), a clever plot with twists, and even pretty steamy Harry/Juliet backstory references. Just awesome.
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Hello, Yuletide writer!

If you see this, please know that I will be visiting family over the holidays, and that I may not have reliable access to the internet. If I do not comment before January 4, don't worry! Once I'm back home, I will be back and commenting like a commenting thing!

Hope everyone has a terrific holiday season! Happy New Year! *Blows a kazoo*
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I have my Yuletide assignment. I am very pleased with it and think I am going to have lots of fun!

And...I now have an account on An Archive of Our Own to archive fic on! I've uploaded most of my one-shots already, but am nervous about the multi-chapter things (of which I have several!). I'll have to find out how those are going to work.

So far, it seems like a really nice archive. They clearly put a lot of thought into how to set things up. The autocomplete function when you're inputting things into the upload forms is especially handy.
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Hello, Yuletide writer!

First of all, I want to thank you for volunteering to write in any of these rare fandoms. I love them all so much, it will be a thrill to see any story written for them!

Second, my prompts were really just intended to provide some inspiration if you need it to get started. If you have a plotbunny of your own, go for it!

But now I will ramble on a little bit about the fandoms/characters I chose and what I love about them, in case that helps you.

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I hope this is helpful to you, and thank you again!!
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Just signed up for Yuletide. I've offered to write in 15 fandoms this year, which I believe is a record for me. *Bounces*

As for NaNoWriMo...I'm learning a lot about the process of constructing an original fiction story. I'm certain by now that there is *NO WAY* I will complete 50k words by the end of the month, but that's OK. Signing up for NaNo got me out of my procrastination mode, and I think the month will be quite productive, even if I wind up writing very little.
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Just signed up -- on a whim! -- for Nanowrimo. I've been toying with the idea of trying original fiction for a while now, for a variety of reasons, and yet I never seem to actually get around to doing it.

So...why not dive off into the deep end? At least I'll have thousands of people for company. There are even Nano writing groups that meet at cafes all over the place! (That strikes me as a reeeeeeeeally good way to procrastinate and not get anything done, however, so I think I might pass.)

Now I just have to figure out what the *hell* I'm going to write about -- in the next 1 1/2 days. Hahahahahahaha!!!! I do have a few vaguely formed ideas, though.
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So, I signed up for that cliché fic prompt fest over at [livejournal.com profile] cliche_bingo (and no, I haven't posted my card because I'm too disorganized). I like my prompts (ghosts! evil twins!), and I've now thought up enough story ideas to do at least the minimal "bingo" score. I've got until August 31 to finish, and the stories only need to be 500 words each, so...it should be no problem, right?

Except that I have concluded that I am incapable of coming up with story ideas that can be told in 500-ish words. I started writing the first one yesterday: I'd estimate it's about 25% done (at best), and it's already 700 words. And this is one of the simpler stories, plotwise! *Bangs head*

We'll see how well I manage with August 31 as the deadline. I have a horrible feeling I may be cutting it very close!