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I'm soooo behind on replying to comments (and reading my friendslist - I will catch up soon, I promise!), but I'm emerging for a quick update. (The virus infection: cured! After 2 days of running different scans and fixes. The knockout combo seems to have been malwarebytes plus tdsskiller. We will be keeping a wary eye on that computer for a while, though. Fortunately, we never use it to pay bills or do anything particularly private. Flat tire: replaced! So those annoyances have been dealt with.)

Today, however, was very strange and disconcerting. My work situation is somewhat complicated these days, but setting that aside, I go down to my (sort of) former office in downtown Oakland (nearly) every day. If you're familiar with Bay Area current events, you'll know what I mean when I say that my building was precisely at ground zero during last year's Oscar Grant protests (which I witnessed). If you aren't a Bay Area person, I'll just say that my city is facing its own version of the Rodney King verdict at any moment, starting from tomorrow on.

There was quite an air of nervousness today. Lots of businesses boarding up windows; small rallies already taking place at 14th & Broadway and in Frank Ogawa Plaza; lots of email alerts from building management about what to do/how much warning we'll get about the verdict. (I've set up all sorts of SMS and Twitter alerts from BART, the police department, and news organizations, so that should give me plenty of advance notice.) I plan on staying at home tomorrow, but God knows how long the jury will actually take! Watch: they'll get hung, and we'll have to go through all this again.

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