Mar. 18th, 2010

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I have very *very* mixed feelings about BSG: loved it through about midway through S3; HATED it afterwards, so much so that that hatred somewhat tarnishes my memory of the entire series. So I wasn't sure if I wanted to start watching Caprica. Really, the only thing that tempted me was the prospect of Polly Walker as an evil secret-cult-leading schoolmistress(!!).

But I gave the pilot a try, and was very much underwhelmed. Too much teen drama, and a whole lot of characters who seemed thoroughly unsympathetic and/or uninteresting. The *end*, though, was warped and dark enough that I was surprised and impressed. That tidbit eventually made me decide to go back and watch more. Now that I've caught up...I am intrigued and definitely intend to keep watching!

The characters are still, on the whole, unsympathetic. Caprica is billed as a show about character development -- and it is! -- but these aren't characters I bond with or invest in. In fact, I feel quite distanced from them (with one rather surprising exception). I think that's a *good* thing, because I can watch the show *do* things to them with a kind of clinical fascination untroubled by feelings of empathy over their plight. The show is playing with some genuinely disturbing themes, psychologically. That's what kept me watching at first -- it wasn't until Episode 5 that I realized how intricate the plot was becoming.

I don't see this as a fannish series, and I'll be surprised if it develops much of a ficwriting following. But I would love to read what people might come up with! If any of it taps into some of the same themes as the show, it could be awesome.

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