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I just finished the episode, and...eeeeeeeeee!

We're about mid-season, and things are twisting nicely!

Random reactions are random:

WHEN PATTY THOUGHT ELLEN HAD BETRAYED HER, SHE WAS DEVASTATED OMG! She accused ELLEN of being ruthless! And she clearly meant it, this wasn't some manipulation or game. And yet it was Ellen's words she remembered when she decided to fire Alex! Patty/Ellen really isn't even *remotely* subtext anymore, is it?

Of course it was Tom's betrayal that really sent her over the edge...drinking at the office, her hand shaking...wow.

Head!David! This is interesting. By appearing, he served two functions, I think. First, he got to give us a real clue from the perspective of the show itself about just what sort of relationship Patty and Ellen really have: they're both defined by the fact that they "hate bullies." I said in my post about last week's episode that I think Ellen really was just like Patty all along, even in her supposedly "naive" phase, and this confirms it.

But the second reason I think David showed up ties into the weird (and eerie!) reenactment of S1 that's been going on with Frobisher and the movie. Frobisher -- caught up in his immense love for himself -- virtually confessed ordering the murder to the actor playing him. I wonder if this is eventually going to result in some justice finally coming for David in that regard? (Also: Frobisher throwing in the tidbit about Ray being gay. My God, he has NO conscience at all. Just none.)

And then finally, yet another Tobin family member proves to be an appalling person. Creepy Uncle Lenny (who isn't really family anyway) turns out to be the most human one! I'm very glad they finally started using Lily Tomlin, by the way. I was wondering why they bothered casting someone like her for such a dull part. I now take it back!

I can't wait until the next episode!

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